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Our Mission

I became involved in animal rescue because of the overwhelming number of stray animals I observe in less affluent areas of Southern California. I do what I do because I cannot stand to see dogs living lives of misery and always, I aim to end the cycle of reproduction. I enjoy connecting all the dots - full circle - in terms of rescuing dogs, vetting, rehabilitation and then adoption. RRR=Rescue, Rehabilitate, Re-home.

Poochmatch is a small rescue group with half-a dozen volunteers. Since our founding in 2006, we have done over 5000 dog adoptions. We re-home 400 to 500 a year.

We are an organization without executives and administrative staff, no receptionist, no secretary, no bookkeeper, etc - we are volunteer-based and so we respond to emails, calls and voicemails as quickly as possible. We'd love to have more assistance. We need help administratively from individuals with computers, digital cameras and marketing skills. We also need volunteers for our Saturday events, individuals 18 years or older, to help walk our dogs, maintain clean crates and provide them with fresh water for them. We could really use dedicated volunteers too! Please see for more information.

Adoption Policy

We do not have a facility. Our dogs are in foster homes with volunteers.

We do not do out-of-state adoptions for puppies. We would only consider out-of-state adoptions for adult dogs that prove hard-to-place locally. We do not hold dogs, please submit your application when you are ready to adopt.

All prospective adopters must COMPLETE AN ADOPTION APPLICATION. Our adoption application is available on our website,, in the ADOPTION folder. If the dog you are interested in has multiple applications we generally wait until Friday to review all of the applications and identify a best match to meet him/her on a mutually agreeable day, time and place. Once a month, we hold an adoption event on Saturday at Petsmart of Yorba Linda (5521 Mirage St.) . Prospective adopters must be receptive to a home check, sign an adoption contract and provide an adoption fee. The adoption fees range from $295-$495 depending on the age, breed and costs incurred by us on the dog's behalf i.e. medical, training, etc. The adoption fee always includes the cost of spay/neuter, microchip, microchip registration, deworming and full sets of core vaccinations: rabies vaccine and 1 sets of distemper/parvo for an adult dog and 4 sets for a puppy.

All of our dogs are vetted prior to becoming adoptable - although not everything is always revealed in the initial health check. We do request that if one of our dogs becomes ill shortly after being adopted that their adopter contacts us ASAP so that we may care for the dog or assist.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets