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Our Mission

FurEver Animal Rescue is dedicated to providing a loving and nurturing environment for each furry friend taken into our rescue foster care. Our friends are not housed in a shelter setting. The hectic activities and loud environment of the shelter often causes our friends to withdraw, be fearful, show aggression or become easily excited. These behaviors are stress related and often seen as un-adoptable. Patience, love and becoming a cherished part of a family prepares them for their new life. They are in private foster homes where they can receive more individualized care and be part of a family unit. Our hope is for a smoother transition coming from a home environment to their new home.

Our friends comes to us from varies shelters, owner surrenders, dropped at our door step and from local hospitals. We treat each of our furry friends with respect and dignity. We are devoted to evaluating each as an individual and designing a care plan to meet their p

Adoption Policy

We are located in the East Bay. If you are interested one of our furry friends please email us at or call 510-418-8602. 

Please see our event calendar for our location and time for weekend adoption events.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets