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Thulani Senior German Shepherd Rescue

San Juan Bautista, CA

Our Mission

Thulnai Senior German Shepherd Rescue (TSGSR) provides hospice care and sanctuary for German Shepherd Dogs with limited life expectancy. TSGSR team members were finding German Shepherd dogs in shelters that were wonderful dogs, but because of terminal medical conditions or extreme age, were not dogs that could successfully be adopted out to the public as part of a regular adoption program. Yet these wonderful dogs have some quality life left for them, even though it might be short. TSGSR realized that, if they turned their backs on these dogs, they very likely would die alone and afraid in the shelter almost immediately.

The principle team members at TSGSR have been rescuing and re-homing German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs) of ALL AGES for over 15 years. We are a California non-profit Animal Welfare Organization (AWO) and we are an all-volunteer organization which allows all donations and funding to go completely to the betterment of rescued GSDs. Because rescuing senior GSDs or ones with a terminal illness requires a dedicated focus TSGSR was founded for this special purpose.

Adoption Policy

Our adoption process is designed to help you and the right dog find each other. Our goal is to place each dog into a permanent, safe, and loving home.

To adopt a Senior German Shepherd Dog (sometimes called a Thulani dog), you must:

1. Live in California California or close-in areas of adjoining states.

 2. Complete an Adoption Questionnaire, either online, or by mail. If you do not own your home, you must also have your landlord complete the Landlord Letter.

 3. Be interviewed by an adoption counselor.   

4. Allow a home visit by an adoption counselor.

 5. Be approved for adoption.

 6. Choose, and be chosen by, the right dog.

 7. With our approval, sign our Adoption Agreement.

After we receive your online Adoption Questionnaire, we will contact you to begin the adoption process. We encourage potential adopters to come to one or more Adoption Days, because that is the best way to meet several Ger

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