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San Diego House Rabbit Society

4807 Mercury Street
Suite A
San Diego, CA 92111

Our Mission

Visit our website at to view news and events, and great rabbit care information. 

Our Mission is to rescue abandoned domestic rabbits within our community and find them new homes, support our local shelters in the care of their rabbits, and educate the community on the proper and responsible care of domestic rabbit companions.

Adoption Policy

Potential adopters must be screened in advance of adopting in order to best match them with rabbits who are appropriate for their home and family. Due to challenges brought on by COVID-19 and RHDV2, adoptions are by appointment only and virtual.

SDHRS does not adopt to children. An adult or parent (21 or older) must contact us to complete the screening process, and an adult must be the primary caretaker of the rabbit. If a teenager is making the initial contact that is fine, but we will still require the parents to contact us and participate in the screening process. We require our adopted rabbits to be housed inside as indoor family companions.

Please complete our online Adopter Application and an SDHRS representative will contact you via email with the next steps.

** When seeking a companion for your current rabbit, your rabbit must already be spayed or neutered and vaccinated for at least 14 days. Being spayed or neutered is necessary to be able to bond the rabbits without severe fighting due to hormonal issues. If you need recommendations for a rabbit vet, or a lower cost spay/neuter option, please let us know. We are happy to give you information on lower cost options in San Diego County.

Please understand that we are fostering homeless and previously unwanted rabbits. The majority of our rabbits come from shelters when there was no more room, or the rabbit had a behavioral or health problem and was going to be euthanized if not taken in by a rescue. We are truly their last hope. The adoption process may seem a bit time-consuming but we are making every effort to ensure our rabbits are adopted into the "right" home for them and that you, and the rabbit, are happy with this adoption. All we ask is that you take your time to make an informed adoption decision, and that once you adopt you love and care for your new rabbit companion in a manner that will support their life expectancy of 8 to 12 years. Thank you for understanding our level of commitment to our foster rabbits.

If you are thinking about getting a rabbit for your younger children, this often is NOT a good choice as proper rabbit care is too complicated for most children to manage. Contrary to many people's understanding, rabbits are NOT easy, inexpensive pets. Guinea pigs and rats, however, make much better pets for younger children and are much easier for them to manage - with your help. For information on adoptable guinea pigs and rats, please visit Wee Companions Small Animal Rescue at

Are you visiting our website in order to adopt a rabbit, but you are NOT located in Southern California? If so, please visit the National HRS website at to find an HRS Chapter or independent rabbit rescue near you.

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