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Our Mission

Please keep in mind, at this time Passion for Pitties is strictly donation and foster based. If we do not have fosters willing to open their homes to house the dogs we are trying to save then we are sadly unable to assist these sweet dogs and most of them will wind up euthanized.
We are important and need volunteers in order to survive along with the dogs. We are their voice, without us they have no one and have already been failed by at least 1 human in their lives....the one that dropped them off at the shelter in the first place.

We are strictly a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization which means without constant donations from the public we will not have funds for medical as well as all other needs of the dogs.
We do not take in owner surrenders, we will courtesy post for you if desired.
The only time we are able to take in an owner surrender is if the owner is able to hold the dog and financially sponsor the dog until we find a loving home no matter the duration of time.

If you are willing to be a financial sponsor for one of our dogs please contact us.
If you are desiring to be a foster parent to help us save a sweet Pit please complete our foster application located on our website under adorable adoptables.
If you are interested in adopting one of our beloved dogs please complete our adoption application located on our website.

Thank you for your continued support

The Passion for Pitties Family

Once we have 20 dogs in the rescue, we are considered full...

We do NOT warehouse our rescued shelter dogs, all of our dogs are placed in a loving foster home environment.  If you wish to open your home and join the Passion for Pitties family of fosters team please contact us. 
This is the only way we are able to save those that need our help, it's teamwork along with senselessness.

As our rescued Pit Bulls are matched up successfully with their forever loving homes, the adoption fee then is utilized to help another in need as long as the foster is still willing to keep their home open.

Without long term fosters we are only able to help as many dogs in need as solid foster homes are available.

We do not "warehouse" our dogs...all of our dogs are behavioral tested in the shelters to assure they are sound.  All of our dogs are placed in loving foster home environments until their forever loving families are found.

Adoption Policy

This is a friend like no other...

A true friend, a companion that just requires

you give some love and wonderful care to them.

They give so much more to us ....

They deserve to know love...

Never to suffer

Never to be lonely

Never to be abused

Forever to be spoiled & loved

A friend that doesn't ask for anything but...


Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets