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California Labradors Retrievers and More

San Diego, CA

Our Mission

Labs and More is one of Southern California’s most active Rescue with over 350 dogs in our care at any given time. Even though we are growing and strong we remind our adopting families that we are a Non Profit - Grassroots - Volunteer run Organization. We adopt to patient, kind and respectful families who understand we are Volunteers. Matching families with appropriate dogs is our priority and we do not operate by first come first adopt. This year our Volunteers will celebrate the rescue of our 13,000th Dog in need of a chance at LIFE! We rescue for need not for breed and search out those who without our help have no chance of getting adopted from shelters. This year alone over 300 dogs in our care will get needed surgery, life-saving treatment, or other major medical care. We take in hundreds of pregnant moms who will be able to deliver their puppies in the safety of a home and loving arms. All our dogs and puppies are spayed or neutered prior to being adopted.

We cannot save them all but we will save all we can with the help of the generous support of people like YOU!

Adoption Policy

We are honored that you have selected us to help you find your new DOG.

Let's get started by completing our online adoption application.

Step 1 -Click the "Adoption Application" link on the right sidebar and tell us about you and your family. Once we receive your application, you will receive a confirmation email followed by an information email. Within the next 2-3 days an Adoption Coach will reach out to you via phone, text or email. Be sure to get back to us so we can keep your application rolling!

The Adoption Coach will review what you are looking for in your new Dog or Puppy to make sure we are aligned. Our goal is to guide you about what to expect when you adopt. We provide you information about the dog or puppy you are interested in adopting. Our goal is to prepare you for dog ownership.

Step 2-You are approved to adopt! Through this next step we will work together guiding you toward meeting the dogs that meet your most import requirements. This process can take time so we ask that you be patient and understand this needs to be a match for both YOU and YOUR new dog! Please understand that sometimes a dog just might not be right for you.

Step 3 - You have many options to meeting the dogs of Labs and More Rescue. We have fun weekly Saturday option events, check out our website for details. At our Adoption Events you can meet many dogs at one time. We also do meets at Foster Homes where you can see the dog in a home setting. You can also meet puppies by appointment in foster homes. If you would like we can also do initial meets by Facetime! So many ways to find your new Dog with Labs and More! I We only adopt to nice, kind, dog loving people...if that is you we are ready to find you a new companion.

You have met your new best friend and you are ready to adopt. If the foster family and the dog also agree then we will move forward with the adoption! Our goal is to not operate by first-come, first-served but to do what is best for you and the dog.

Step 4-Signing the paperwork and making the adoption donation is the beginning of your journey with your new Dog. Your adoption donation is used to pay for the costs of rescuing and providing needed medical care and support for the dog you are adopting. Unfortunately this donation does not come close to covering all these costs. Please understand you are not buying a dog from us you are making a donation to continue this life-saving work. We can guarantee that YOU will incur additional medical costs and care for your newly adopted dog down the road, regardless of being a rescued dog or not. It costs much more than the adoption donation to save one dog so any future care is the responsibility of the adopting family.

Once you sign the adoption agreement and make the are now a new dog owner, Congratulations! Have fun getting new stuff for your new dog! You will receive documentation post adoption regarding the care that was provided for your newly adopted dog while with Labs and More Rescue. Promising to care and provide for your dog is the gift you can give to our Volunteers and Fosters who provided a safe place while looking for YOU! Thank you for Rescuing a dog that without YOU would be left behind.

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