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Bunny's Buddies

San Diego, CA

Our Mission

Hearing that over 30,000,000 animals are being subjected to torment and abuse leaves us with a heavy and hopeless heart, however, our goal is to stay as optimistic as we can with only one mission in mind- to save as many animals from this horrific outcome as we can. We work closely with some amazing people in Asia to not only rescue and repair these damaged souls but then, to actually get them into loving new homes.

Adoption Policy

Application Process

You can find our adoption application on our website. It’s an in-depth series of questions that includes going over our mission and unique process. Please only fill out an application if you are truly in alignment. Once you apply, there will be a series of emails back and forth as we get to know you and your home, as our highest priority is placing a pup that will thrive with you. Our main focus is to rehabilitate a pup who’s had a traumatic past vs prioritizing human preferences so if you’re looking to truly make a difference in a dogs life, apply now.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets