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Our Mission

Baja Dog Rescue is an American run 501c(3) non-profit organization that is operated by a group of dedicated volunteers in the Baja California area. We are a no-kill shelter that rescues and rehabilitates unwanted, abandoned, and neglected dogs from the streets and local pound and find them loving happy homes; we literally give them a second chance at life. We currently have almost 200 rescued street dogs at our facility where they receive the medical attention, food, and love needed to be ready for adoption here in San Diego and all over the U.S.

Adoption Policy

1. Fill out an application for the dog you would like to meet. Do this immediately, as this starts the process.

2. We will follow up with you in about 48 hours via email.

3. If your application is approved and the dog is available. We will set an appointment for you to meet the dog you are interested in the following Saturday at the sports arena Petco. We will ask for a refundable deposit ahead of time to set the appointment, and will outline reasons why we would not refund it to you (basically flaking on your appointment with no communication). The deposit can be through paypal or credit card online.

***Bring a hard copy of your application or you will have to fill out a new one***

4. If you have an appointment, you have first "dibs" on the dog. Make one even if you are not 100% sure because someone else could end up making one and you will miss out. We only make one appointment per dog, so you are still able to go meet the dog if you do not get one, you just will not be guaranteed it won't be adopted before you can do so.

5. BRING CASH for the adoption fee. The deposit will be applied to your adoption fee should you decide to adopt the dog, so bring the difference! Just in case, even! Do not miss out on the dog because of this.

6. Fill out the adoptions contract once you decide to adopt and we will give you all the vet records for your vet to start a file on the dog.

7. Remember—We are all volunteering our time.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets