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Animal Rescuers Without Borders,Inc.

San Diego, CA

Adoption Policy

The A.R.W.O.B. group prides itself on carefully placing animals into responsible and loving homes. We care about the present and future lives of the many unwanted dogs and cats and strive to improve them so they can come to know stability, love and safety. For more information, please visit our website at

Our adoption procedure is as follows:

1) Adoption Application filed by applicant (visit the applications page to fill one out!).

We typically adopt dogs and cats to individuals or families located in San Diego County, Orange County and Los Angeles areas. However, we may consider potential adopters within California, Arizona, and Nevada (within a reasonable driving distance) under certain circumstances. We require that the application be approved ahead of time and a home check must be done via FaceTime Skype (we do not accept videos for this purpose). We would also require the potential adopter to come to San Diego to meet the animal in person and we recommend bringing any current pet(s) to see if they will get along. If the potential adopter opts out of the meet-n-greet with their existing animal(s) and if the new pet does not get along with their existing pets, we would require the adopter to drive back to San Diego to return the animal -- we cannot provide transportation. Our adoptions are time sensitive and our policy is that we do not place holds on any of our rescues.

PLEASE NOTE: We have implemented a new policy for those who are currently serving in the military. IF YOU ARE IN THE MILITARY please fill out a short questionnaire in addition to the adoption application.

2) A play date between the applicant and rescue (dog or cat).

An applicant MUST have an APPROVED online adoption application filed BEFORE scheduling a playdate at the animal's foster home.The playdate will ensure that the potential adopter and the dog/ cat they are interested in is the right match. If the dog/cat does not possess the qualities and behavioral traits the applicant is looking for, we can continue the adoption process by meeting another rescued dog or cat.

You can also meet the animal you are interested in at scheduled adoption events. Approved applicants have priority to meet an animal over others. Please read the events page for more information about meeting an animal at an event and possibly taking them home afterward.

3) Home checks to ensure the safety of our rescues (If applicable).

An ARWOB volunteer will contact you upon approval of your application (and the playdate appointment) to schedule a visit to your home. Here we will take a look at where the cat/dog will be living. Your home and yard must be safe and secure.

4) Adoption Contract and ID from applicant

If everything checks out during the homecheck and we believe our rescued dog/ cat will live happily there, we will go ahead and sign the adoption contract to makes the adoption official.

5) Adoption fee

Fees are different for both dogs and cats and are based on age and, sometimes, on the breed. Please visit the adoption fees page for a break down of all.

6) Denial of adoption applications

We screen all of our adoption applications thoroughly in order to find the perfect home for our rescues. There may be times when we feel the adopter is not a good fit based on the answer to questions on their application. Please know that we vet each applicant with the animal's best interest in mind. In the event that your application is denied, you will receive an email letting you know of our decision. However, we will not be able to answer detailed questions regarding the denial.

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