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Heer To Rescue

San Clemente, CA

Our Mission

About us: We are a non-profit 501c3 Dog Rescue based out of Lake Elsinore, California. We operate solely on donations made by the public. We are very passionate about helping animals in need. Abandoned, unwanted and unloved animals should not be euthanized in our shelters! We work very hard to ensure that every animal that we help receives proper medical attention, vaccinations, microchips and that they are spayed or neutered. We also introduce the dogs to structure, boundaries and consistency to set them up for success. Please help support our mission by donating, liking and sharing our website and facebook posts. We do not discriminate against the age, breed, or medical status of a dog that needs help. Every pet deserves a home where they can receive the proper training, structure, love and care that they deserve. Our goal is to place each pet with a family that is perfect for them.

We are a small team of volunteers and we like the idea of quality over quantity. We dedicate loads of time, energy and soul into every animal that we help, and we feel that in order to provide the best care to each pet we help, its important not to over stretch our limits or funding. Our intakes are chosen based on a multitude of circumstances so that we can ensure we can provide the care each pet deserves. Because we are a small rescue, your support is even more appreciated.

It is also our goal to help educate the public as well as our adopters on dog behavior, proper methods of training and leadership, as well as the importance of spay, neuter and microchipping your pets. We want to help reduce shelter euthanasia and keep dogs with their families when possible.

Adoption Policy

All adopters must first start by submitting an application on our website. Then we call them and do a phone interview. Next we do a homecheck. If everything looks good, then they can do a meet and greet. If all goes well at the meet, and it's a match on both sides, then they can adopt from us. They then complete the adoption contract and pay the adoption donation/fee. From there they can take the pet home. We remain available to help ensure a success and help with training and so forth if need be. If the family already has a dog, then we do a proper and safe introduction to the dogs to make sure its a safe and good fit.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets