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Motherlode Feral Cat Alliance

San Andreas, CA

Our Mission

The Motherlode Feral Cat Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to humanely reducing the feral cat population in the California Sierra Foothills area through trap-neuter-return. We provide training on trapping, loan necessary equipment and cover or subsidize the cost of spay/neuter surgeries for resident feral cats. Advocacy and education efforts promote community awareness to protect the lives of feral cats in our communities.

Adoption Policy

Adopters of “Barn Cats” are personally screened by one of our members. We make sure the adopters live in an appropriate location, have a safe sheltered area and agree to provide food and fresh water daily to cats we move to and acclimate to their property. Acclimation is done in a large cage, inside of a safe outbuilding or covered area. Most of our clients live on farms, ranches or live on acreage as we are a mostly rural area.

Kittens or tame cats are placed into homes of people who fill out our adoption form and agree to return the cat to us if it does not work out for any reason.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets