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Our Mission

Raining Cats ‘n’ Dogs is an animal rescue organization dedicated to reducing overpopulation and needless euthanasia of companion animals by spaying/neutering and finding permanent, responsible homes for those animals. In order to achieve this goal, Raining Cats ‘n’ Dogs is committed to forming cooperative relationships with other animal rescue groups, shelters and veterinarians. Through these activities, Raining Cats ‘n’ Dogs plans to educate the community about animal welfare issues and perpetuate the human/animal bond.

Adoption Policy

If you are interested in adopting a pet, please fill out an application on our website. Thank you.

All pets are examined by a Veterinarian to determine overall health and any issues particular to that pet are treated. In addition, the following treatments are given as standard to all pets:

Adopting a Cat
Fee = $40-$80, includes:
FIV/FeLV testing
FVRCP & Rabies Vaccines
Worming/flea treatments if necessary
Adoption Kit

{$40 - cats 5 years and older & cats with special needs}
{$70 - young adult cats 1-4 years}
{$80 - cats under 1 year}

Adopting a Dog
Fee = $150, adults
$200, puppies
Heartworm testing and preventative
DHPP & Rabies Vaccines
Worming/flea treatment if necessary
Adoption Kit

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets