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Our Mission

To provide love, care, education, and support for cats and the humans who love them. To help bring about a world where every cat has a home, and cat lovers who need help have someone they can turn to for assistance.

Adoption Policy

Adopters will fill out an adoption application, the application will be reviewed by Rescue staff or adoption coordinators, if approved, a meet and greet will be arranged during which the application will be reviewed in-depth with clarifying questions. If both parties would like to move forward with the adoption, the adoption can take place during the meet and greet. An adoption contract and receipt will be filled in, with the rescue keeping the original and the adopter taking home a copy. The contract includes, promising to keep the cat as an indoor-only pet (with safe outdoor enrichment encouraged in the form of catios, harnesses, pet strollers/backpacks), as well as promising never to declaw their cat, and if they cannot take care of the cat that they will return them to the rescue. It also states that the potential adopter agrees to the possibility of a home visit pre/post adoption if requested by rescue staff.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets