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The Frank and Lucy Project

Quartz Hill, CA

Our Mission

The Frank and Lucy project provides help to our local community with the growing feline population and to abolish the needless suffering of free-roaming cats by way of spay and neuter, medical attention, vaccines and a nursery for newborn kittens and the mothers. We care for them with medical check ups, vaccination, de worming food, shelter and 24 hour care until they are old enough to be adopted into loving homes.
We help little lives/Kitty lives. To make the sick well. The cold warm. The starving full. The lonely and scared loved. To shrink feline colonies humanely by way of TNR (trap, spay/neuter, return.) To educate the community in the fact that "All life matters."
We are trying to Reduce the number of kittens born outdoors. Give newborn kittens an opportunity for a wonderful full life.

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Recommended Pets