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Furget Me Not Purebred Cat Rescue

Pomona, CA

Our Mission

Decrease the number of homeless, neglected, and unwanted cats

Increase the number of cats that will find their families & forever homes

Raise community awareness regarding population control of homeless cats (e.g. spay & neuter programs, adoption programs, and community outreach events)

Promote human & feline bonding and emphasize the value of this connection

Be a voice to advocate for cats in need

Educate on the diversity of cat breeds and how breeds are special not only by their physical characteristics but also their personalities

Adoption Policy

We ask the potential adopter to fill out an adoption application.

We research the potential adopter and, if they have a vet, will conduct a vet reference check.

We conduct an interview and typically will also conduct a home check.

When everything looks and sounds great for the cat, we will place cat in their new owner's care.

We stress that in the event that the adoption doesn't work out, the new owner is required to surrender the cat back to us.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets