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Our Mission

We exist to reform the dog agenda through intentional rescue, educational resources, and support structural change in the community in order to give each dog a fighting chance California Bully Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, foster based, rescue organization operating throughout California. We take in strays, shelter dogs on death row and owner surrenders of bully breeds. While in our care, dogs are thoroughly vetted medically, behaviorally, and mentally. Dogs receive medical care, medical testing, behavioral training and all other necessities through our rescue thanks to the donations of our amazing supporters.

Adoption Policy

Our adoption coordinator will reach out and request the following items: proof of landlord approval if you rent, proof of residency, picture of your ID, copy of your HOI policy if you own. 4. Next step is a virtual home check and (2) reference checks. 5. (a) Once all that is complete, we will schedule a meet and greet. If you have a dog(s), we will schedule the first meet and greet with HUMANS ONLY. It’s important for people to get to know the dog without a new dog influencing how the dog you seek to adopt will behave. After this meet, we ask that you sleep on it and let us know the next day if you want to continue with adopting. 5. (b) If you have a dog(s) and you want to proceed with adopting the dog, we will schedule a second meet and greet for the dogs to meet. The dogs will do a pack walk together. If either your dog(s) or the dog you are seeking to adopt does great with other dogs, but is reactive at first, we will do a minimum of (3) dog-to-dog meet and greets with an experienced handler or trainer present. 6. If you wish to continue after meet and greets have been conducted and we believe you to be a fit as well, we will complete a background check that requires a non-refundable $100 deposit. This deposit will go towards your adoption fee, if you pass and are chosen for adoption. 7. Once all checks and meet and greets are completed and you are approved for adoption, we will collect the remainder of the adoption fee and schedule your pick up for the dog. Our process is designed to ensure our dogs end up in their forever home, we believe that if a family is the right fit and they truly want to add one of our dogs to their family, they will be willing to go through our process.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets