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Cassidy's Animal Recovery Kamp of Grace

Placerville, CA

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide for the dogs of the homeless, of people seeking recovery, medical rehabilitation or others struggling to better themselves and in a hardship situation. Including but not limited to disabled veterans, victims of domestic violence, geographically displaced, or affected by a natural disaster. Our primary purpose is to prevent permanent separation of dog and human, for temporary circumstances, and to maintain general health and wellness for all the dogs of humans in hardship. We will further assist with the re-homing and fostering of the dogs that are unable to be reunited and rescue/rehab/rehome dogs that have been redlisted due to trauma from a hardship. We will also provide access to education and referrals for animal health and welfare, basic obedience and cruelty prevention and hope to continue to provide spay/neuter vouchers and basic vaccinations at no cost to the dogs at highest risk in the community.

Adoption Policy

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