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Our Mission

Mutt Muffins is a small grass roots non-profit in Pittsburg, which is watching out for the well being of animals in the community, one day at a time. We help mostly strays or owner surrenders so that we can keep them OUT of the shelters which is traumatizing. Next they are spayed, neutured, vaccinated and micro chipped while they are posted on Petfinder which is one of the best sites for finding homes.!

The reason for the name Mutt Muffins is we are going to be baking "vegan" cakes and muffins as a fun treat for pets and the proceeds will go directly to the non-profit, so that we can be self-supporting and achieve financial independence...someday! .

It seems like we are always "robbing Peter to pay Paul" to pay for vet care, flea meds, de-worming, baths, nail trims, grooming, leashes, kongs, treats, blankets, and so on.

There is the mis-conception that rescues get everything "free" which would be really NICE but it's far from the truth. We have to pay for EVERYTHING just like you do, but we don't have just one dog we have several so it's even MORE more expensive for us!
We have several mouths to feed.....! But hopefully we do get discounts sometimes!

So this spring we will start attending the Pittsburg Farmers Market every Sat....
We hope to see some of you there! .

Adoption Policy

1) We first arrange for a meet and greet so people can visit the dog in person
2) Then if there "interest" we do an application
3) Once that's been reviewed we then do a home visit
4) And if all goes well we finalize the adoption at the home visit
5) We also recommend foster-to-adopt for 30 days to make sure it's a good match.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets