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APe Action (Animals People & Environment Action)

PO Box 5328
Pine Mountain Club, CA 93222

Our Mission

The APe Action "Animal Rescue " is not able to take in any animals.

We are helping people network dogs that need to find a foster home/forever home.

Adoption Policy

Contribution donations are NOT A PURCHASE PRICE NOR ADOPTION FEE but a donation freely given to help off set the cost of the animals care. 

~~ Our adoption fee is $450 ~~~

Adoption donations help cover the spay/neuter of your new pet,  current shots,  micro chipping,  grooming, flea meds, food, training if needed,  supplies, medical and temporary boarding of the animal.  

We are a volunteer run group and each animal is with a different person that is in charge of that animals placement.

If we have a courtesy post w/the contact info listed, that is the person to contact that has that animal in their care.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets