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Our Mission

Transform A Street Dog’s mission is to support animal activists in Ukraine and other countries experiencing overwhelming street dog crises.

Adoption Policy

**All dogs posted on are already in the US**

Why do Ukrainian street dogs need homes abroad?

Besides the normal dangers street dogs face, all dogs left on the street are at-risk of being poisoned or shot on the street by a loosely organized group across Ukraine called “dog hunters.”

Due to economic and political issues, combined with a stigma of adopting mix-breed dogs, the adoption rates are very low in Ukraine. For every dog that finds a home, we will take another at-risk and suffering dog off the street.

FAQs about adopting a dog from Ukraine:

* All of the dogs will have current shots, deworming, flea treatment and negative heart worm test before travel.

* They will have a Rabies shot at least 30 days prior to travel plus a health certificate in order to make the journey to the USA.

* All dogs will arrive to the USA sterilized and be sterilized before adoption.

* All of our dogs spend some time in foster care before making the journey overseas and are in different stages of house training. Generally, adult dogs understand the concept of not going to the bathroom where they live and take a week or two to train.

* The adoption fee is $350. 100% of the fee goes towards keeping our program running. Which means 100% of the $350 pays for to keep dogs in our current rehabilitation program safe and healthy and allows us to be able to take more suffering dogs off the streets.

* The following will also be taken care of before you receive your dog: vaccinations, medical tests, documents, flight and travel necessities (leash, harness, pee pads, food etc.) We will supply your dog’s travel crate but ask that it be returned to help future dogs.

* If you would like to keep the travel crate your dog arrived in, we ask for a $50 donation to help with the travel of future dogs.

* There is no quarantine for dogs arriving to the US.

* There is no rabies blood test required for arrival to the US.

* To ensure a good fit for you and your dog we do offer a 14 day Foster-to-Adopt Trial (please contact us for details.)

Adoption process

1) Fill out an application (use the link above) and email it back to us at Please let us know which dog(s) you are interested in on your application.

2) A team member will call you to review your application, and if possible, visit your home.

Once your application is approved:
3) Please confirm which dog you would like so we can hold him/her for you.

4) A volunteer will contact you to make final travel arrangements for your dog.

5) Wait for your new family member to arrive. The $350 adoption fee will be due at the time you receive your dog

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