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Companion Animal Community Center

Pacifica, CA

Our Mission

Our mission is saving animals in need by providing foster, adoption and rehoming services through our community based ‘loving home to loving home’ foster model. Our dedicated foster home network helps animals avoid stressful shelter environments by placing them directly into loving homes until their new adoption homes are found.

Adoption Policy

1. Visit our Available Cats and Dogs pages on our website to see if any catch your interest. We have many cats and dogs looking for love currently in our foster home community.

2. Think about who you want to adopt to fit your lifestyle. What are you looking for in a new family member? Age range? Gender? Personality? What’s your home like? Do you have kids, other cats and or dogs?

3. Reach out to us about a certain animal. Know which one you want to meet? Fill out an online adoption application. *Please keep in mind that applications are answered in the order received, and someone may scoop up the animals you were sure was right for you before you get a chance to meet them. Your perfect companion is still out there waiting for you, we promise!

4. Schedule a virtual Meet and Greet. We’ll schedule a 20-30 minute session with one of our Adoption team members and the Foster Home of the animal through a video call like Zoom, Google Meet or FaceTime-all options for this session. Come to the session with your questions about the animal you’re getting to know, we’ll be able to give you insight into the animal you’re interested in adopting.

5. Interested in taking it to the next step? Foster to Adopt allows both of you to see if it’s a good match. We’ll arrange a pick up for you to bring your new friend home for a trial run.

6. Choose to Adopt. Did you fall in love? We’re so glad. Now take a pause. Adopting can be a 20 year commitment. Still ready to adopt? Great! Let’s make this official!

7. Not the right match? No problem, the foster home is ready to accept the animal back if if isn’t the right fit.

8. Finalize the adoption. We’ll go over the paperwork on the phone. We’ll go over basic care, the animal’s basic medical history, and your adoption paperwork and collect adoption fees. We’re also here to answer any other questions you may have before, during and after!

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets