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OCPoundhounds Small Breed Dog Rescue

Orange, CA

Our Mission

Making a difference one dog at a time. A Non-Profit dedicated to providing sanctuary and hospice to senior and terminally ill small breed dogs, mainly Pomeranians and Chihuahuas. Our rescue part, located in Orange County, CA

Adoption Policy

ADOPTING an OCPoundhound

1.  Print off and complete an application for adoption that can be found on our web site;
No application, no Meet & Greet

2.  Submit the application by scanning and e-mailing

3. Your application will be reviewed and if we feel there is a potential match a telephone interview will be conducted.  If the telephone interview determines there is a potential good match we will check veterinarian, grooming and personal references provided on the application;

4.  If the references are positive we then arrange a Meet & Greet with all members of the family (and other dogs) at a neutral location;

5.  If the Meet & Greet is successful, we then arrange for an in-home adoption trial to start.  These normally start on a Friday evening;

6.  After 30 days the adoption is evaluated and if successful the adoption is finalized.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets