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Cats of Oceanside

Oceanside, CA

Our Mission

Cats of Oceanside is on a mission to connect the people of our beachside community with the street cats who live here.

As our California beach town has dramatically gentrified over the last 10 years, combined with the effects of the pandemic, many lower income families have left their homes - and their cats, behind.

In addition to policy changes from our local state funded shelters, there has been an influx of community and feral cats in our neighborhoods, some very friendly, but most forgotten and unseen.

Sadly, these cats live short and hard lives as humans turn a blind eye.

Cats of Oceanside is dedicated to rescuing these vulnerable felines, catching those who fall through the cracks, and bridging the gaps left by our state-funded shelters.

Adoption Policy

My name is Alison, and I created Cats of Oceanside to help the street cats around my urban, downtown home. In a short time, Cats of Oceanside has grown into a vital community resource.

At Cats of Oceanside, I require a thorough application for each cat I adopt. I also personally meet with potential adopters and spend time with them and the cat to ensure a good match.

Understanding cats deeply and raising them well is my passion, and it's extremely important to me to know who they go home with and the environment they'll live in. To ensure the best fit, I create a unique application for each animal tailored to their specific needs.

I can't wait to match you with your future best friend!

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