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Our Mission

Mission Statement:
Kedi Cat Rescue funds and facilitates international adoption projects for Istanbul’s homeless, free-roaming, abandoned, abused, and/or injured cats and dogs, giving them a second chance to live out their lives in a healthy, caring environment.

Kedi Cat Rescue funds and facilitates multiple steps in U.S.-Turkish adoption projects: foster care and/or boarding in Istanbul prior to travel, emergency vet care and treatment when necessary, procurement of animal medical passports and customs paperwork, locating and gaining commitment from flight volunteers, purchasing in-cabin or cargo carriers, and buying animal plane tickets.

Kedi Cat Rescue is part of a network of Istanbul-based rescuers working to home, shelter, feed, and provide medical care for street cats and dogs. Istanbul is known for its historic relationship with its street animals. Today, the city’s population growth and developmental politics contribute to the elimination of green spaces and historic buildings, which served as homes for homeless animals. The municipality does not adhere to population management measures. These factors result in an increase of street animals, and to the overcrowding and under funding of shelters. Care and responsibility for free-roaming and homeless animals rests upon private individuals and veterinarians' empathy and goodwill, time and out-of-pocket financial commitment.

Kedi Cat Rescue supports existing local and individual efforts in Istanbul and its environs including trap-neuter-release projects, rehabilitating abused animals, and feeding programs.

The Kedi Cat Rescue team is San Francisco and Denver based with nearly 25 years of combined experience in animal welfare and countless adoption success stories.

Adoption Policy

We most often find homes for pets through though valued relationships with local rescues or through a vast word-of-mouth network sometimes including social media. We use an adoption application form with direct adoptions.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets