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Amore for Dogs

Newport Beach, CA

Our Mission

Amore for Dogs Rescue goal is to make a better life for our canine
community. At Amore for Dogs Rescue, our mission statement has evolved over time to
accurately reflect what we're working to accomplish. A better and beautiful
life for all breeds of dogs neglected and abandoned at our local shelters and at risk of euthanazia that we have come to dearly care for. Amore for Dogs goals include: to promote and provide the medical, training and housing for these special friends, to build a community where people value animals and treat them with respect and kindness and to provide a beautiful forever life.

Adoption Policy

Amore for dogs operate by appointment only. People interested on seen our dogs they will be asked to fill out our adoption application first, then they will be invited to see the dog that they are interested on adopting. The goal is to find the perfect match for the dog and the adopter so multiple visit will be scheduled to make sure dogs and adopters are happy with each other. All memebers of the family will be asked to come and visit with the dog. If they have pets they will be asked to bring them too. An introduction area for Adopter with their dogs and our dogs is in place for such meet and greet. Before adoption there will be a home check which Adopter must agree upon, failure to accept the Adopter application will be discarted and we will moved to another candidate.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets