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Our Mission

My goal is to help save kitties lives and sometimes that means from the beginning of a kitty's journey to their adoption.

Promote spay and neuter and share information where they can get that done affordably

Help save one kitty at a time.

Adoption Policy

Anyone interested in adopting a cat can reach out to me about my kitties looking for a forever home. Before a kitty can be adopted they will need to complete the following:

They will need to fill out an application
Complete an interview with me

Let me verify information on application
Submit to a home check via video and/or in person
Potential adopters can visit the kitty
If they want to adopt a kitty they will be required to sign an adoption contract
Adopters will be given time to make sure the fit is the right
It will individually be decided if they can pick up the kitty or if I will deliver kitty
Adopters are able to bring their kitty back to me no matter when or how long after adoption

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