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Dog Tag Rescue Foundation

Monterey Park, CA

Our Mission

Our mission - we believe every dog deserves a dog tag with a forever home address.

This organization was founded on the idea of being a collaborative partner with the many existing and emerging organizations that are hard at work to assist in the humane treatment of dogs.

Our team is willing to do the work behind our belief. We are a 100% volunteer organization which means 100% of your donations directly benefit rescue dogs.

We promote adoption in an effort to decrease dog euthanasia.

We promote spay/neuter services and education in an effort to reduce the future number of dogs at shelters.

We are working toward a “Dog Tag Sanctuary” to house dogs in need of a transitional home while they find a forever home and those dogs that are “unadoptable,” such as senior dogs, handicap, anxiety, etc.

All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the law.

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