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Our Mission

Mother Lode Husky Haven is Husky rescue based in Modesto, CA. We are a 501c3 non-profit. Our approach is to provide our Huskys with as much freedom as possible. Generally we are kennel free and our dogs are allowed to pack-up, play, and run free on 6 acres of pasture. We utilize a total immersion approach which emulates an actual home environment, only with a lot of dogs! These dogs need to feel safe, play hard, and get all the love possible. We cannot survive with public support, please visit our website at

Adoption Policy

Our goal is to find the best home for these Huskys but we will not run you through the ringer. Simply fill out an adoption application on our website, we'll talk on the phone, then schedule a meet-n-greet (come to us, meet in the middle, come to you). If we agree that this dog may work then you can take him/her home for a trial adoption (up to 30 days). If you decide to adopt then we exchange fees and sign the contract. All dogs can be returned at any time for any reason. It has to be right for everyone

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