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Our Mission

One Living Sanctuary serves as a center for like-minded people to work together to engage in social action, animal justice, outreach, and restoration. The Sanctuary provides compassionate animal rescue, housing, veterinary care as needed, and rehabilitation and release of wildlife, when appropriate.

Adoption Policy

We don't currently do very many adoptions because we are a sanctuary. However, we occasionally have animals that aren't fitting in well with the other animals and would benefit from living in a private home. So far, we have been able to find homes for those animals with people we personally know. We are looking forward to having another way to try to find homes for these animals when situations arise. We screen potential adopters over the phone and then have them visit the animal they are interested in to make sure they are a good fit. We follow up with them after they take the animal home to make sure it is working out and to see if they need any support.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets