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Our Mission

Spunkys Rescue Ranch is a rescue for primarily cats, but sometimes horses, dogs and other farm animals.  We provide the animals with a home, good nutrition, necessary veterinary care, love and affection.  Those who are able to be adopted out are found their "forever homes", but some, due to medical or behavioral issues are not adoptable, and are welcome to spend the rest of their days here.
  Some of our animals are considered "special needs", based on a variety of issues.  For example, we occasionally take in blind cats, deaf cats, cats with missing limbs. We work hard to make these cats adoptable as they all deserve a loving family. We take in cats off the street, and the changes we see in the cat upon arrival as compared to after they have been here for a while is astonishing. We feed a high protein/no grain diet, both wet and dry, and one of our volunteers brings roast chicken, turkey, pork or soup once a week for the cats. The high protein diet goes a long way towards improving their health, and the cats put on muscle and size.
We operate strictly on a donation basis, and all adoption donations go to the veterinary care and feeding of the rescued animals. We have no employees, and everyone who works here does so on a volunteer basis. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and receipts can be provided upon request.
Our cattery used to be a hay barn, and windows, doors, insulation and paint were all added to make the inside comfortable for the cats. We also fenced and netted a large area adjacent to the barn, and that area is heavily planted with flowers, bushes and trees to provide the cats a safe garden area. We invite potential adopters to come and spend time in this garden with the cats so they can observe them and get to know them prior to adoption. In our experience, a cat will frequently choose their adopter, so if you visit, come prepared to have cats rubbing your legs and jumping in your lap.
If you are interested in adopting a cat, please provide us with as much information about yourself, your home and your family as you can, as well as what you are looking for in a cat. This information helps us to help you in choosing a cat that is right for you and your particular environment.

Adoption Policy

  We have cats of all breeds, mixes, sizes, colors and personalities.  When contacting us for a possible adoption, we request as much information about you, your home and family, and what you are looking for in a cat.  The more information about you that you can give us, the better.

 We delight in being able to match people up with the perfect companion, and we  spend a great deal of time observing the animals to determine their likes, dislikes, needs and other personality issues.  We make a promise to the animals who come here that they will never have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, that they will never be returned to a shelter or go back out on the street.

  We are particularly sensitive to the plight of horses today being at risk of going to slaughter-houses.  Some of our horses have been rescued from that specific risk, and we have made a commitment that no horse rescued by us will ever be at risk to be slaughtered.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets