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Our Mission

The Mission of The Puppy Coalition is to rescue dogs, providing them a second chance at life and finding them suitable, loving homes improving their lives and the lives of those who take them into their families.

(A special emphasis in the past has been to rescue dogs who could serve as therapy dogs, service dogs and to work with Wounded Warrior groups.)

Adoption Policy

1. We take a preliminary application to screen those who have expressed interest in adopting a dog. We ask for a video walk through of the home and property. We ask for a copy of the driver's license of the "primary" adopter.

2. If the applicant passes the initial application screen which addresses a wide variety of factors regarding the home, the people in the home, other animals in the home, the nature of the yard and fencing, their plan to make sure the animal gets good exercise, and other key questions that relate to a safe and nice life for the dog, we will schedule an interview and a Meet and Greet with the dog they are interested in.

3. If the applicant passes this interview and they are still interested in the dog after the meeting, we take an adoption application where, among other things, we get non-relative references and a veterinarian reference.

4. Then an actual home visit is done and we ask that all family members be present.

5. We then evaluate each qualified and approved adopter candidate that we have for the dog of interest and make a determination on which is the best fit for that dog.

6. Then we arrange for a training session. This is more important for some dogs and families than others but it is important because many dogs have issues and many people don't understand how to properly deal with different problems, should they arise.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets