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Rebirth Rescue and Animal Sanctuary Inc

Los Angeles, CA

Our Mission

Rebirth Rescue was founded by Dani Armando. A longtime volunteer among rescues across Southern California she had always dreamed of running her own animal sanctuary. With the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic came an increase in pet abandonment and the already understaffed Los Angeles shelters had trouble keeping up with the influx. Seeing it as a sign to bring her dreams to fruition Dani used her contacts in the animal rescue community to launch Rebirth Rescue and Animal Sanctuary.

Rebirth’s main goal is to ensure the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of at-risk animals. Our team travels across the greater Los Angeles area to receive animals in crisis and rehabilitate them. Life time care is our main goal at Rebirth and we strive to find the ideal environment for our animals, emphasizing safety and care above all else. We remain in contact with our adopters to ensure there are no medical or safety concerns after adoption and provide resources for any issues that may arise.

With dozens of foster contacts across the city we also help to facilitate foster care to create space and help as many animals as possible.

A small rescue, Rebirth’s core is its heart. Every animal that we come into contact with leaves an impact on us and we use that impact to ensure that they are taken care of as if they were our own. Driven by passion and love for all those vulnerable fur friends of ours, Rebirth hopes to save many, many animals over the years to come.

Adoption Policy

There is an adoption application, once approved, we do an in home visit then a meet and greet and then if it is a good fit and the animal will be safe and cared for there is an adoption contract.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets