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Los Feliz Animal Rescue

Los Angeles, CA

Our Mission

Los Feliz Animal Rescue is dedicated to creating a community full of healthy and happy animals, regardless of species or domestication. We want to accomplish this by providing resources to the public and supporting independent rescuers in order to create a community in which no animal suffers due to human action. We are currently focusing on the Los Feliz area, and hope to expand if our mission is successful. We also hope to inspire people to create hyperlocal groups in their own communities.

Adoption Policy

Our process is to:
1. Have the potential adopter fill out an application
2. Speak with the person to get a fuller understanding of what they're looking for to see if the animal is a good fit
3. Do a meet and greet with the animal, if they haven't met already
4. Do a home check
5. Have the adopter sign an adoption contract and collect an adoption fee

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets