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Dog Coalition Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA

Our Mission

Dog Coalition Los Angeles is devoted to the well-being of dogs and their human companions. We empower through knowledge, fostering a culture of mindful canine stewardship. Our philosophy is rooted in communication between dogs and humans, mutual respect, and in-shelter experience. With a hands-on approach, we are committed to the transformation of each dog, while cultivating an enduring foster and adoption culture that shapes the future of sheltering and animal welfare reform.

Adoption Policy

Adopters can fill out the adoption form on our website which covers all of the basic questions regarding compatibility. We'll reach out to schedule a call where we can share more about the dog in question or suggest another if there's a better fit. From there, we pair you with the foster family to have an in-person meet. We may send some instructions on how to meet if the dog has specific needs. Adopters are invited to a leash walking class to get acquainted with handling and sent home with detailed training manuals on how to integrate their new dog into the home.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets