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Our Mission

Del Gato is a donation-based, foster-based cat rescue that emerged in early 2020 in response to the homeless cat crisis of Southern California. Del Gato works around the clock to provide a safe landing, veterinary care, and a long-term plan for some of the 5 million homeless, feral, abandoned, sick, and injured community cats living on the streets of LA and Orange Counties. Your decision to adopt a cat from Del Gato allows more space for another cat in need to be brought inside and given the care that it deserves and the opportunity for a better life. We believe in TNR as the only solution to the ongoing prevention of cats suffering on the streets and more kittens being born outside into a life of tragedy. Thank you for your support!

Adoption Policy

Step 1: Potential adopters must fill out an Adoption Application. We will reach out at our earliest convenience (typically 1-3 days).

Step 2: If your application is approved, we will then conduct a virtual homecheck.

Step 3: If your homecheck is approved, we will move forward with a meet-and-greet.

Step 4: If that goes well, and both parties are interested in moving forward, we will coordinate adoption logistics.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets