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Animals in Need Rescue Network

Los Angeles, CA

Our Mission

Animals in Need Rescue Network is devoted to saving animals from the shelters and the streets and to provide assistance and resources for people to help animals. We strive to provide a valuable service to the community by helping pets stay out of shelters and in forever homes. We want to keep pets from being euthanized with the ultimate goal of facilitating the process of making Los Angeles a No Kill City.

Adoption Policy

There is no way to possibly understand how much  love and fulfillment a  new kitty
will add to your life!!! Unconditional love is waiting for you Please email us if you are interested in one of our kitties and provide your phone number. Someone will call you and then follow up with an adoption application if the kitty is a potential fit for you. We can then make arrangements for you to meet the kitty after speaking to one of our adoption coordinators.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets