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Pet Assistance Foundation

555-B East Artesia Boulevard
Suite B
Long Beach, CA 90805

Our Mission

Pet Assistance Foundation (PAF) is a California non-profit organization with a single mission:

To reduce the number of unwanted, companion animals born in Southern California through education and assistance with spay and neuter services. Since 1955, PAF has been referring pet owners to cooperating Southern California veterinarians who offer low cost sterilization.

Since our efforts involve extensive community outreach, many homeless animals cross our paths. While we do not have a shelter, we do have dedicated volunteers who foster and work to find quality homes for companion animals in need. 

Visit us on weekends at the the following Petco locations, or visit some of our cats and kittens there any day of the week.

Thank you for choosing to adopt!

Adoption Policy


Thank you for your interest in adopting!

Adopting a pet in need of a home is a win/win/win situation. Obviously you win by adding joy to your life. Your new fur baby wins by gaining a loving home and a chance to live out her normal life span—a chance denied to far too many. There is a third set of winners, too—by taking home the pet of your choice, you make space in the shelter or foster home for another animal in need to gain a chance at life. Sharing your happy experience with friends may encourage them to adopt, as well. The adoption fee you pay goes to the care of animals still awaiting families, and enables the rescues to keep up their good work. Last, but by no means least, each time any of us chooses to adopt rather than buying from a breeder, we incrementally decrease the demand and perceived profit potential that motivates irresponsible, opportunistic breeders.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets