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Valley Animal Haven is the forty year old "Dream Come True" of our founder, Pam Brasil

Pam had a dream of one day having a shelter that would operate solely for the purpose of saving the lives of helpless and homeless animals. This dream was born when she saw a program about an animal shelter, in the Midwest, that had been destroyed by an arsonist who hated dogs. Pam's heart broke at such human cruelty. There were 80 beautiful dogs destroyed in that fire. She purposed that someday she would be able to provide a safe HAVEN for dogs and cats. That dream has become a reality with the opening of VALLEY ANIMAL HAVEN.

We work closely with other local rescue groups and shelters throughout the San Joaquin Valley to help re-home as many animals as possible. There are tens of thousands of beautiful animals waiting for help.

Please join us in our mission to provide these animals with the help that they so desperately need and deserve. Our hope is that, one day, no animal will have to suffer at the hands of abusive owners.

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