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Adoption Policy

The potential adopters will be reviewed and screened before having a meet and greet with the animal. During this process, the potential adopter will be asked about other animals in the household. All other pets must be sterilized and have a current rabies vaccination.
If the animal is interested and the adopter wants to proceed with the adoption there will be a second meet and greet where the animal will be brought to the adopter's home to see how they do in that environment and how they interact with other people and pets. If that goes well, the adopter can sign the adoption papers and pay their fee that day.
The adoption fee pays for the animal's sterilization surgery, vaccines, and microchip. All health records and microchip information will be given to the new owner after the adoption.
If for any reason the pet is not a good fit for the home after their adoption or if something unforeseen comes up, We've Got Cats Adoption Agency will take them back no questions asked but the adoption fee will not be returned.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets