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Earth Angels Rescue was born of two sisters, Jessica and Molly, both saddened by the sheer number of pitbulls killed everyday. Molly works out of NYC and Jessica from LA, two cities notorious for killing more pits than most. Their mission is to rescue pitbulls; as well as other dogs overlooked and in need of help; who have entered a shelter through no fault of their own, and to find loving, forever homes for these dogs.

Jessica is a renowned makeup artist turned dog trainer. The first dog Jessica rescued was Sam from the Carson shelter. Truth be told, Sam rescued Jessica and opened her heart to the amazing, unconditional love we receive from these animals. Unbeknownst to her, the journey as a rescuer had begun and her life was changed forever.

Molly is a flight attendant and a pilot. She began with one rescue pit mix, Daisy in 2001. At the encouragement of Jessica, she became a foster mom to Abby, who at the time, was a one year old throwaway mama pit slated to be killed in NYC. Abby became a member of her family, and started Molly on her journey in rescue.

Their primary focus is on pitsbulls, the most grossly misunderstood breed of dog, and the dog most likely to never walk out of a shelter, but they are committed to rescuing as many dogs as they can, no matter the breed. We also educate on the need for training of all dogs to ensure they became the family members they deserve to be.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets