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Stitch in Time Animal Rescue (STAR)

Kensington, CA

Our Mission

• Assistance with vet care

One of our primary and most important missions is to intervene when pet owners are unable to deal with their pet's medical issues. We find the proper vet expertise and subsidize the cost or cover the cost entirely, depending on the needs of the owner and animal. We provide the same assistance to other rescue orgs attempting to deal with the medical issues of their animal charges. We always emphasize and subsidize spay/neuter as part of this activity.

• Filling vet care and placement gaps at local government shelters.

On many occasions we have taken on animals from the county shelter who have major medical issues the shelter does not have the expertise or capability to deal with. Those animals may be returned to the shelter depending on the space we and they have, but only with the understanding that the animal will come back to us if the shelter cannot place the animal and gets to the point of putting them on the euth list.

We also assist in getting animals out of the county shelter who are on the euth list. We have taken on many of these animals as well as abandoned strays wandering the streets.

• Doing whatever it takes to keep pets with their owners.

We occasionally provide other assistance, including training, financial help, and other resources to pet owners and fosters who would not be able to keep their animal without our assistance.

Adoption Policy

We consider a number of factors in deciding on whether a placement will be good for the animal and the owner, including the owner's attitude toward animals and animal welfare, the needs of the animal, the physical and behavior management capability of the owner, the layout of the house and yard, and if the owner is a tenant, whatever restrictions on animal ownership are imposed by the landlord.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets