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Our Mission

At Desert Catopia, our mission is to provide a sanctuary within our desert oasis, where we rescue, foster, nurture, and find loving forever homes for cats and kittens. Through compassionate care and dedicated socialization efforts, we aim to create a haven where kittens and cats can flourish and thrive. Together, we are committed to making a difference in the lives of our beloved furry friends, one purrfect adoption at a time.

Adoption Policy

At Desert Catopia, we us a comprehensive approach to the adoption process, combining both interviews and adoption applications. During this process, we engage in meaningful conversations with potential adopters, inquiring about their motivations for adoption, the number of current pets they have, and ensuring their willingness to provide proper nutrition and veterinary care. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of adopting our cats as indoor pets, as we have a strict policy against allowing them to live outdoors. Furthermore, we make it explicitly clear that we do not approve of declawing.

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