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Partners in Animal Care & Compassion

Half Moon Bay, CA

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage shelters to make improvements to their practices, and help intercept and rehome animals that may be headed for the shelter. We get to know the individual animal and what it’s needs are, prepare them for living in a family home, and provide support to the adopter during the transition into their new home.

We are a group of former Peninsula Humane Society (PHS) volunteers and animal rescue advocates who have over 40 years combined experience in animal welfare.

Adoption Policy

PACC's goal is to operate a fair and transparent adoption process. Our process is as follows:

Completion of Adoption Application (*required)
Phone call to answer any questions you may have
Meet up (opportunity for you to meet the animal in their current setting)
Short stay over (2-3 hour visit at your place to assess the right fit (*PACC will bring the animal to you and will help with pet intros, as applicable)

Because a disproportionately high number of potential adopters encounter situations that cause delays or lead to changing their mind, PACC is unable to put other adopters on hold to accommodate individual circumstances. We continue to invite all adopters through the adoption process, until the dog or cat is successfully placed in their adoptive home. We will efficiently guide potential adopters through our process and the family that completes the process first and is a good fit for the dog or cat will be given first consideration. Our main interest is being respectful of everyone’s time while transitioning our animals to permanent homes as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding!

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets