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Our Mission

Jane Ganahl and Maggie Cooney founded Coastside Feral Care to ease the suffering of homeless community cats (also known as ferals) by:

· Continuing the work we have been doing in feeding them, providing nourishment so they know they have a place to go for their daily meal,

· Trapping new cats and having them spayed/neutered (stopping the cycle of new kittens), vaccinated, and having their general health assessed. And, when necessary, providing ongoing veterinary care to the sick or wounded, and,

· Finding homes for the ones deemed adoptable, and releasing the wilder ones back to their original colony, where we can continue to care for them.

At Coastside Feral Care we believe that all animals, including those without homes, are entitled to a decent quality of life with good food, good health, and human care.

Adoption Policy

We have adopters fill out an adoption application. If the application is approved, we set up a visit between the pets and the prospective adopters. If it's a match in person, the adopters can pick up their new family member the next day.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets