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Cozy Cats Sanctuary, Inc.

Hacienda Heights, CA

Our Mission

We’re a public charity that provides sanctuary to stray, neglected and abused cats in the greater Los Angeles area. We are committed to finding all the adoptable cats their purrfect forever home. Once a Cozy Cat- Always a Cozy Cat!

Adoption Policy

We require an application to be filled out. If we decide the application may be a good fit for one of our kitties, then we set up a phone call or Skype meeting. During the phone meeting we go over the application in detail and ask any questions we need. If they are as great on the call as they are on paper then we ask for a home tour. We have no issue making personal home visits, but also allow home video tours. Once the tour is approved we proceed with a meet-and-greet. The meet-and-greet is held at a local cat cafe or PetSmart with the adopter and kitty(s) they are interested in. During this meet if we feel the adopter is a good fit for the kitty then we move forward with the adoption. A contract and fee is the final step in our process. We make it very clear that the adoption is not final until the contract and fee are finalized. The meet-and-greet is not a guarantee. No kitties leave our sanctuary if we feel the home or adopters are not a good fit. Also, once a Cozy Cat- Always a Cozy Cat. This means at any time if they feel they do not or cannot have the cat anymore (no matter the length of time), the cat comes back to us. We take all Cozy Cats back - no matter what or when. This is in the contract. We require a check in within 24 hours of the adoption, then weekly, then monthly for up to 6mos to a year. All our cats go to homes that are indoors only. We do have a website, but are currently getting it revamped and up.

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