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Scooter's Pals Nevada County, Ca

Grass Valley, CA

Our Mission

We are a last-chance, non-profit (501c3) animal rescue organization. Our mission is to save and aid dogs (and some cats) that have been abandoned and often abused or neglected. We save them from needless death in a shelter. We provide vet care and rehabilitation if needed. We find them safe and loving homes. We give them another chance at life.

Adoption Policy

For more information about Scooter's Pals -- our work, our events, and the resources we offer to you -- please visit our web site at

We also hope you will join us on Facebook at and Instagram at -- here you will see candid photos of our animals posted by our friends and supporters, as well as comments and lively discussions about what's going on in the animal rescue world.

We welcome you and thank you for helping the animals.

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