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Scooter's Pals Nevada County, Ca

Grass Valley, CA

Our Mission

We are a last-chance, non-profit (501c3) animal rescue organization. Our mission is to save and aid dogs (and some cats) that have been abandoned and often abused or neglected. We save them from needless death in a shelter. We provide vet care and rehabilitation if needed. We find them safe and loving homes. We give them another chance at life.

Adoption Policy

Scooter's Pals rescues dogs scheduled to die in high-kill shelters. We spay/neuter, fully vaccinate, and give any vet care needed. We provide foster care or interim boarding, including all food and vet care, till a good-fit, adoptive family is found.

As soon as a dog is deemed ready to be adopted, we add the dog's write--up, photo(s), and foster contact info to our Adoptable listings on

In order to adopt one of our rescues, Step #1 is for you to complete and submit our Adoption Application -- this is mandatory. Go to to fill out an Adoption application.

Our dedicated adoption team  carefully reviews the adoption applications received for each dog. Although time and staff limitations mean we cannot respond to every application received, we will contact you within two weeks if it's appropriate to continue with you to the next step in our adoption process.

Step #2 is for us to do a home check and conduct interviews as part of our effort to ensure the best possible good-fit match for each dog and each family, too.

The final step is that you complete a and sign our Application Contract. and submit the adoption fee. As soon as the contract is signed by us and the fee received, your new furry friend is officially part of your family.

Please be aware that it can take a while for you and your new pet to adjust to life together. There may be some rough spots or an issue or two as you get accustomed to each other. We are always available to provide advice and support if the need should arise. Scooter's Pals will always take our dogs back if the adoption back if the original adoptee can no longer care for the dog.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets