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Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue

Fulton, CA

Our Mission

We love German Shepherd Dogs and Belgian Malinois for all the same reasons you are looking here today. They are loyal, intelligent and beautiful animals and it breaks our hearts to think of them suffering or dying in shelters.

We are a 501(c)(3) 100% volunteer organization funded by donations from people just like you. Our team is made up of dog lovers who give up their time to find loving forever homes for our dogs. The team has fostered and saved over one thousand German Shepherd Dogs and Belgian Malinois!

Most of our dogs come from shelters where they have been abandoned. Some come from owners who, no longer able to care for them, give their dog to us to find a loving forever home. The good news is that we encounter few dogs that have been abused or seriously mistreated.

What do we do?
Each dog that comes into our program is carefully evaluated and then placed into a foster home. No boarding kennels for our dogs! We passionately believe that by living with our dogs we can learn more about them. Once we have spent some time getting to know each dog, we make the dog available for adoption.

When you apply to adopt one of our dogs you will go through an adoption process where we learn more about you, your experience and your lifestyle. Our goal is to offer you a service wherein you find your perfect dog!

You can help!
Many of our adopters decide to volunteer and help more of the dogs. It’s a rewarding activity (no matter how big or small your role) that you know helps the dogs as well. Some prefer to donate. Every $ we receive goes for the dogs.

So thank you!

Adoption Policy

Your perfect dog in four easy steps:
1) Complete the application
In about 5 minutes you’ll tell us about your experience, lifestyle and where you live. This helps us get a picture of you and the type of dog that you are looking for. We'll contact you! Just click "Adoption Application"

2) We contact you
One of our adoption counselors will call you within 3 days and have a chat about your application. They will ask you to text some pictures of your fencing, gates and where your dog hangs out.

3) Dog shopping!
You’ll keep an eye on our dogs on our website and Facebook page. The moment you see a dog that you are interested in you’ll contact your adoption counselor.

4) Adopting your dog
If it seems like a good match, we arrange for you to meet the dog at one of our adoption events or at the foster parent’s home. If the right match is made, you will be able to adopt your dog, there and then, and take your dog home! The adoption fees are $400 for puppies and adults.

That really is it!

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