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Adoption Policy

The Adoption Process

Thank you for considering a rescued Maltese for your next dog. As AMA Rescue Representatives, we are often overwhelmed by the many Maltese needing to be re-homed. Our organization is dedicated to making sure that each Maltese’s placement will be a "forever home.” For this reason, we screen all applicants carefully and ask for your understanding. We must ensure that a Maltese placed with you is the right decision for both of you.

Rescue Maltese come to us with a variety of needs and behaviors. They come in all ages, although sadly many are older than most people want when they are looking for a new dog. It is very rare to have rescue Maltese puppies or house trained dogs. Most rescued Maltese have had hard lives, and they may therefore have special needs. If you can open your heart and home to one of these dogs, you will find yourself rewarded generously.

While AMA Rescue entertains Adoption Applications from outside the local area where the dog is being fostered, AMA Rescue will not ship a rescue dog. Out of area adoptions are costly for the adoptive family for we feel it is important for all members of a family meet the rescue dog, 2 and 4 legged, before finalizing the arrangements. We also feel it is important to be able to provide local support to a new adoptive family. Thus, it can be more difficult to adopt Maltese out of the area where the dog is being fostered. Adoption Fee Statement

Adoption fees are charged to cover the costs of rescuing. The single major cost of rescuing Maltese is veterinary expenses (spaying/neutering, vaccines and rabies, heartworm testing, and microchip insertion). Maltese with injuries and those needing medical care for health problems are provided care. Currently AMA Rescue Adoption fees do not fully cover the average cost of rescuing and fostering each dog. Generous donors make up the difference between AMA Rescue’s costs and the adoption fee.

Our adoption fee schedule is based upon the age and health care needs of the dog. The adoption fee for healthy dogs range from $250.00 to $700.00. The younger the dog, the higher the fee. These fees may be adjusted at the discretion of the National or Area Coordinator based upon the dog’s age, adoptability, and health care requirements.

Adoption fees for dogs over 9 years old or any dog with health or other issues will generally be less. For puppies and young dogs under 12 months of age, the adoption fee will be higher.

We appreciate any donations and financial support that the adoptive homes can offer to defray our real costs of rescuing and fostering a Maltese. To learn how you can help AMA Rescue financially click here
1.We receive your Adoption Application.
2.We evaluate the answers to see if it is a potential good fit for the requested dog, or any that we have in our care.
3.We contact you for a telephone interview. (There might be one or two of these interviews.)
4.We interview the references you listed, Personal, Veterinarian, Groomer.
5.We do a Home Visit. (The rescue dog may, or may not, accompany us on this visit.
6.You get to meet the rescue dog. The dog must meet all members of the family, two and four-legged, to see how everyone gets along.
7.We make a decision based on the ideal home for the dog. (We do not make our adoption decisions based on first come first serve.)
8.The Adopting family signs the Adoption Contract, and pays the Adoption Fee.
9.The rescue dog is united with his Forever Family.Please note:

• This is not a rapid process. Every AMA Rescue person involved in fostering the dogs, checking references, making Home Visits, and transportation, is a VOLUNTEER. They perform these tasks in their spare time. Most of them have full or part-time jobs, other pets, and families.

• It is possible that there are dogs in our care that are not quite ready to be put up for adoption. One of these dogs might be a good fit for your family. Please submit an Adoption Application and let us know the qualities you are seeking for your next dog, age, sex, etc.

• We prefer NOT to adopt out of state except for neighboring states. Local area adoptions help the dog transition to their new Forever Home, because the Foster Home is close at hand to assist.

• We do not adopt to homes with children, or grandchildren, under the age of 10 years old.

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