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Paddington Station

Felton, CA

Our Mission

We are a small (501(c)3 nonprofit rescue organization with headquarters in Felton, CA.  Each of our animals is fostered in a loving home evironment until s/he goes home with her new forever family.  We work carefully  to ensure a good match between adopter and animal, taking into account each animal's temperament and needs, and each adopter's preferences, home environment, schedule, and suchlike.  We would be pleased to work with you to find one or two compatible and simpatico new family members.

Adoption Policy

We ask that potential adopters request and then submit our adoption application. When we receive it, we respond with questions and comments, so that together we can ascertain whether the animal and the adopter are likely to be a successful match. If they are, the adopter visits the animal in the foster home. We then check references, speak to your vet, and complete a home visit as appropriate. The adopter signs a contract and takes the animal home. We keep in close touch during the first month after adoption, and often for many years.

In short, we have a rigorous screening policy because we want you and the animal to have the best possible chance of a happy life together.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets