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Our Mission

Martin's Home Inc is an animal rescue dedicated to rehabilitating and rehoming homeless animals.  We are an all volunteer organization and all of our animals are housed in foster homes , cared for by volunteers.  We take in homeless cats, rabbits at risk of being homeless or abused as space allows.  We prefer to focus on those animals "most at risk".  On intake, all animals are assessed for adoptability.  We then offer behaviour and health services to th

Adoption Policy

Adoptions are by appointment only.  Please contact Jenny at

We will request that you complete a pre-adoption questionnaire so we can help ensure the best fit for you and your new pet

We are privileged to introduce you to our animals in a home setting so you can get a more accurate picture of how this animal might fit in at your own home

Because all of our animals live in foster homes, we introduce you to them by appointment only.  We appreciate your patience with this process as it allows us to introduce you to our animals where they are comfortable.  We can also give you a more accurate assessment of how they will be in your home

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets